Destination Malta

With the Polish two-week winter holiday now upon us, Asia was desperate to go skiing like the rest of the Polish population it seems… Unfortunately, I’ve never been that keen on sliding down a mountain on two planks of wood, or in my case sliding down a mountain on my back, so we compromised and are off to Malta on Tuesday for a week with the kids. Thinking about it, Malta is probably the flattest and unsnowiest country in the world so I reckon I did quite well! It has always been one of my favourite places to visit and as it happens, my next Osprey cover painting is of an SM.79 over the Med, so I should be fully inspired by the time I get back!

New Osprey cover Art


I’ve just completed this, the latest piece of cover art for Osprey. It depicts P-38G-15 43-2204 ‘White 99’ Beautiful Lass flown by Lt John G O’Neill of the 9th FS/49th FG, in action over Vunakanau, New Guinea on 29th October 1943. It’s for the cover of Osprey’s forthcoming book ‘Early P-38 Aces’.

The original is now for sale in the ‘originals section’ or just click on this link;

Early P-38 Aces link