New Original painting – Channel Aces


Just finished the latest Osprey cover painting for the forthcoming book ‘Spitfire Aces of the Channel Front’.  It depicts Flt Lt ‘Slim’ Kilburn, of 124 Squadron flying Spitfire VI BR579/ON-H, shooting down an FW190 of JG26 over the English Channel on 12 December 1942. The specially modified Spitfire VIs were optimised for high-altitude combat, with extended wingtips and pressurized cockpits. On this day, the Spitfires were up covering the return of B-17s of the 303rd BG as they headed home after a raid on Abbeville and Rouen.

The original painting is now for sale, please click on the image for more details.



Research in Tromsø

Just back from a great week in Tromsø, gaining inspiration for more paintings of my favourite part of the world.  Whilst there we went chasing the Northern Lights and were rewarded with a spectacular display on the night of 2nd February.  The light-show lasted for over an hour and was quite awe inspiring, despite the -16C temperatures!