Dambuster – The Perfect Approach NEW painting


For all those of you who have been following my latest Dambusters video work in progress, here is the final result.

It depicts Squadron Leader Henry ‘Dinghy’ Young and his crew, flying Lancaster ED887 AJ-A, making the perfect approach against the Möhne Dam, releasing their Upkeep right on target and ultimately creating a small breach that led to the dam’s destruction. Meanwhile up ahead, Guy Gibson and ‘Mick’ Martin are engaging the enemy anti-aircraft positions from both sides of the dam.

The large original painting (48″ x 24″) is now available for sale along with limited edition prints, CLICK HERE for more details.

I’ll post the third part of the video work in progress as soon as I get 5 mins to edit it together!

Painting the Dambusters – Part Two

..and here’s the second part of the ‘Painting the Dambusters’ feature, thanks for all your kind comments regarding part one. This section is mainly focused on detailing the Lancaster which is the ‘wading through treacle’ stage where half my time is spent looking at photos and technical drawings, trying to work out where I’ve gone wrong!  The canvas is 48″ x 24″ and will be available for sale at the end of the process.  We’ll also be producing limited edition prints from this one which should be ready from around 11th May.

New Dambuster Painting -Live WIP

With the 75th Anniversary of the Dambuster Raid exactly one month from now, I thought I’d do a ‘live’ work in progress on the painting that I’m preparing for the Anniversary. The plan is to produce a few short videos over the next couple of weeks as the painting progresses, hopefully towards completion! Here’s the first 5 minute clip covering the first two weeks’ work. Hope you like it.


Defiants over Dunkirk



…and finally the Defiants over Dunkirk painting is finished. This final painting of the Dunkirk trilogy shows Squadron Leader Phillip Hunter in L6973 PS-A under the starboard wing and Pilot Officer Young under the port wing in L7003 PS-L pouring fire into a Heinkel by flying in the bomber’s blind spots.   This tactic also proved to be a success for other crews on this day and was one of many pre-planned attack profiles that the squadron had practiced.  This combat took place over Dunkirk on 27th May 1940 around 12.30hrs.

Thanks to all of you who pitched in with your comments on Facebook last week. I’m flying over to the UK at the end of this week to sign the prints so they’re available to order now as is the original 40″ x 20″ canvas, for more details CLICK HERE

Defiant painting underway

Suitably refreshed from our holiday, I’m now working on the third in the Dunkirk trilogy of paintings, depicting Boulton Paul Defiants of 264 Squadron.  The Defiant has always been regarded as outclassed in 1940 but it was more a victim of changing circumstances.  It was always designed as a bomber destroyer when the idea of enemy fighters roaming over England was inconceivable.  The invasion of France and the Low Countries changed all that and the Defiant rarely got the opportunity to fight in the way it was intended until it was deployed as a night fighter.   However, on 27 May 1940, 264 Squadron ran into 12 He111s over Dunkirk, and with no fighters around they set about the Heinkels using their carefully rehearsed tactics.   My painting will show this combat using the C/O Sqn Ldr Phillip Hunter’s aircraft as the main subject.   More details in the next few days…

Time To Go Timelapse – Part Two

…and finally, here is the second part of my timelapse work-in-progress video for the new painting ‘Time to Go’. It depicts a Lancaster of 460 Squadron, (ED664 ‘A Aussie’) just about to release the brakes and head for Berlin during the autumn of 1943. This is my own little tribute to an old friend of mine, Ted Groom who flew a lot of his first tour aboard ED664.
The original canvas is 44″ x 20″ is now available for sale, CLICK HERE for more details.   Limited edition prints are also now available for sale, CLICK HERE to purchase those.


Until 1st January 2018 we will send a copy of ‘Back for Christmas’, a small 40cm x 35cm print, signed and numbered by the artist absolutely FREE with every order of ‘Time to Go’.


New Lancaster painting – Timelapse part one


At this time of year I usually try to clear a slot in my schedule for a ‘seasonal’ scene, inspired by the low sun and autumn/winter hues all around us.  These invariably end up being Bomber Command subjects as the bleak airfields tend to suit winter scenes whereas fighters tend to feel more at home in summer skies!

So I’m half-way through this year’s painting.  It’s another Lancaster at dispersal but this one will be ready to go, props turning, chocks away and bomb doors closed.  Here’s a short video of progress so far using timelapse and conventional film, the painting should be complete by 16th November so look out for the second part after then along with details of prints etc.  Incidentally, I’m planning to keep the Lanc pretty generic as you can’t see the squadron codes, but if any collector fancies the original I’d be happy to add specific markings/nose art to suit.  Canvas size is 44″ x 20″.  Just get in touch via the Contact Us link above.