RARE Veteran Signed prints found!



Back in the 1990s I was very fortunate to have my work published by AVM ‘J E ‘Johnnie’ Johnson’s publishing company, Skyscapes Aviation Art.  Those were great days, Johnnie would brief me on the subject matter, I would paint the canvas and then Johnnie’s son Chris would publish the prints and drive them around Europe getting them hand signed by the famous veterans.  Those were the ‘glory days’ of the aviation art print market where we regularly sold out of editions of 1000 copies!  After Johnnie passed away, I took my percentage of prints and sold them very quickly as even by then, the rare signatures were becoming highly sought-after.

Now after almost 20 years, we’ve discovered a few remaining copies of those prints in mint condition and are pleased to be able to offer them for sale again here. These prints include the top seven-signature editions of Kameraden, Bismarck into Battle and Regensburg-No Place to Hide along with a few copies of Hunting Owls.  Don’t miss this unique chance to collect these rare signatures of men who sailed the Bismarck, commanded U-Boats and flew with JG26 against the 8th Air Force!  CLICK HERE for more details in our Special and Rare Items section.

Mark Postlethwaite