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The ultimate aim of most aviation art collectors is to own an original painting. Paint has an incredible range of subtle tones and variations that prints can never hope to match and once a collector gets his first original, his print collection usually gets sold to fund further original purchases!
On this page you’ll find a list of the originals that I currently have for sale. There are never many at any one time as most of my canvases are either commissioned or purchased soon after completion.
The good thing about dealing with an artist directly is that there is no commission or gallery fees to pay. As such, the prices of my paintings here are up to 50% lower than if you bought them through a gallery. The other advantage is that the prices are directly negotiable. The prices displayed here are based upon the commission rates for that size of canvas and recent sales of similar sizes but I welcome any offers, it does no harm to ask and the worst that will happen is that I’ll say no!
We can also take payments by installments and accept most credit and debit cards as well as cheques and bank transfers.

For all enquiries, please just contact me via the link above.