Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Can they be personalised by the artist?

All prints are personally signed by the artist (apart from open editions) but any further dedication will only be possible if Mark is in the UK at that time. Contact us for details.

Will the prints fade?

No, all of our limited-edition prints going right back to the 1990’s were printed using light fast inks so in theory you can leave them in direct sunlight.

Will you print more copies once a limited-edition has sold out?

No, unlike the two biggest aviation art publishers who are now producing canvas prints of long sold-out limited editions, we believe that this is unethical, probably illegal and we would not consider it.

Are the veteran signatures printed or real?

All our veteran signed prints have been signed in person by that veteran in pencil. We never print signatures. The reason they sign in pencil is that pencil doesn't fade, whereas ink often does over time.

What sort of paper are the limited editions printed on?

All our editions are printed on matt art paper to a minimum weight of 300gsm, which in practical terms is the equivalent thickness of three sheets of A4 copier paper stuck together.

What is a giclee print?

There are two ways in which we print our limited-editions.  Litho printing is the traditional method, usually using regular sized dots of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black ink to make the image.   Giclee printing uses seven colours, adding Light Magenta, Light Black and Light Cyan to the ones above and using irregular sized dots.  The effect of this is to give a much more faithful reproduction of colour and a crisper image.  The giclee printer looks like a big desktop printer and each sheet is fed through manually.  This means that giclee is ideal for short runs of 50 or less prints although the cost per print is significantly higher than with litho printing.

What is an Artist’s Proof?

Traditionally the artist would pull the first few prints off the litho press to inspect for quality.  These would usually be the best prints as the printing press could drift off colour slightly during the rest of the run.  These A/P’s therefore became more desirable for collectors.  Nowadays, the last print is is always as good as the first print so the visual difference is minimal.  However, because Artist’s Proofs are usually limited to less than 50, they still have an attraction for many serious collectors.

What is a remarque?

A Remarque is a small original pencil drawing usually done in the white border of a print to make it unique.  Traditionally these pencil drawings would have been a quick ‘5 minute’ freehand sketch but nowadays it is usually expected to be a very detailed pencil drawing with some artists even using paint to enhance them!


 Ordering and Delivery

How do I use a coupon code?

If you have a promotional coupon code, you need to enter it on the cart page, if you’re already on the checkout page you need to go back one!

How much is postage?

We charge £5 for UK, £10 for Europe and £20 for the rest of the World for all print orders.  If your order comes to £80 or more the postage is free to anywhere in the world.

How long does it take to send my order?

We usually send orders out within 24 hours of receipt by first class mail.  This means you can usually expect to receive your order within around 3 days for UK, 1 week for Europe and 2 weeks for the rest of the world.  If you’d like something urgently then please let us know, we’ll do our best to help and can send orders via a next-day service if necessary.

How are the prints sent?

All prints are sent rolled in postal proof tubes.  We don’t sell any framed versions of our prints as they would almost certainly be damaged in the post.

Can I pay by cheque or a bank transfer?

We no longer accept cheques but can accept bank transfers, please contact us for details.

Original Paintings

 How long does it take?

This is the most commonly asked question of any artist!  Each painting is different and it of course depends upon the size of the canvas, but as a rough guide, the Osprey cover paintings take between 1-2 weeks, the larger canvases take between 3-8 weeks.

Why do you use acrylics?

The main reason for using acrylics is that they dry within minutes.  This means that paintings can be completed and scanned on the same day, (usually essential for tight deadlines)!

What’s the difference between acrylic and oil paint?

As above, acrylics dry in minutes, oils dry in days.  Acrylics are water based so can be diluted with water, oils need to be diluted with spirits or oil.  Acrylics are more stable and less vulnerable to the environment, oil paint can crack and flake without proper care.  Visually, they look very similar, acrylics dry to a slightly more matt finish but this is not seen when the original painting is varnished.

Are the prices negotiable?

For originals the answer is usually yes.  Because I don’t have to pay any agent’s fees or publisher’s commission, I can be more flexible with my prices and, depending on if my wife needs a new ball gown or other essential…, I’m happy to consider most offers!