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New BofB Print and Original

As a tribute to the late Archie McInnes, we are now releasing the painting produced for his 100th Birthday.

Exactly one year ago today, (31 July 2019), Battle of Britain pilot Archie McInnes celebrated his 100th birthday with close friends and relatives in Cambridgeshire. As a special surprise, Jonny Cracknell presented Archie with a painting inspired by Archie's favourite memories of the Battle, which he had talked about with Jonny and Mark Postlethwaite at Bentley Priory a few months previously. For Archie, it wasn't the combat that dominated his memory, it was simply the joy of being 21 years old and having his own Hawker Hurricane to zoom, climb and play amongst the clouds with. Suitably inspired, Mark went away and painted this painting, which delighted Archie when it was presented to him.

Sadly, Archie passed away the same night, but hopefully with happy memories of 1940 and of the joy and camaraderie that The Few experienced in that long hot summer.

Jonny Cracknell presenting Archie his own personal framed copy of 'Farewell to the Few' on his 100th birthday

We have now decided to release the painting in memory of Archie and as a tribute to all of his generation. It's titled 'Farewell to the Few' and it symbolically shows Archie weaving amongst the clouds in his 238 Squadron Hurricane having the time of his life.

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The beautiful original painting is also for sale CLICK HERE for details of that.