Combat Over the Estuary

Pilot Officer John 'Paddy' Hemingway of 85 Squadron bales out of his crippled Hurricane P3966 on the afternoon of 26th August 1940.
Both pilot and Hurricane came down over the Pitsea Marshes on the north bank of the Thames Estuary. At the time of writing, 'Paddy' Hemingway is now the last known member of The Few still alive and well.

This is a unique opportunity to purchase a genuine piece of Battle of Britain history! The artist painted this painting for the live televised recovery of Hurricane P3966 back in March 2019. With all the recovered parts now cleaned and identified, there were the usual bits and pieces left over, including a ragged section of fabric from the fuselage. Rather than leave it to gather dust in storage somewhere, it was decided to cut the fabric into smaller pieces, that could then be framed with a print of the painting. This exciting concept took many months to organise but is finally available to purchase.

Each print comes with a numbered 16 page A5 full colour booklet detailing the history of the aircraft, pilot and combat in which it was shot down. It also details the recovery of the aircraft in 2019.

Each print also comes with a small original section of fabric from the fuselage of Hurricane P3966 that had been buried in the ground for nearly 80 years.

The standard edition pieces of fabric are a minimum of 2" x 2" (5cm x 5cm) but each individual piece of course varies in shape and most are larger. The illustration below shows a selection of these pieces, some showing traces of Sky paint or interesting stitching/edging or interior grey/green paint etc. The size makes them ideal for framing with the print.

one of the main pieces of fabric from where the small pieces were cut


Overall limited edition of 110

No's 1-80 signed by the artist + booklet + piece of fabric ...£75

20 Artist's Proofs signed by the artist + booklet + larger piece of fabric ...£95 SOLD OUT

10 Collector's Proofs signed by the artist + booklet + larger significant piece of fabric .... £125 SOLD OUT

Don't miss this unique opportunity to own and frame a unique piece of Battle of Britain history!

  • Image size:
    41cm x 32cm (16" x 13")
  • Overall size:
    50cm x 42cm (20" x 16")
  • Limited edition of:
    80 + 20 Artist's Proofs + 10 Collector's Proofs
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