Spitfires over Dunkirk

Spitfires of RAF Fighter Command engage Ju87 Stukas over the Dunkirk beaches during the latter stages of Operation Dynamo. 

Having just co-written the Dunkirk - Air Combat Archive book for Red Kite I really wanted to paint some scenes from this fascinating part of British history. The plan is to paint the Spitfire, Hurricane and Defiant in action during Operation Dynamo when RAF Fighter Command did its best to provide continuous air cover from dawn until dusk over the Dunkirk beaches.  This first painting depicts Spitfires of 609 and 72 Squadrons in action just east of Dunkirk. In the distance you can see the oil fires which burned for days and the famous eastern mole from which the majority of soldiers boarded the ships for home. 

Overall limited edition of 200 No's 1-150 signed by the artist....£50 

30 Artist's Proofs signed by the artist ...£65 

Remarques may be available, please contact Mark for details.

  • Image size:
    63cm x 31cm (25" x 12")
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    71cm x 43cm (28" x 17")
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    150 + 30 Artist's Proofs
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