The American Dambuster

American Joe McCarthy attacks the Sorpe Dam in his Lancaster as part of the 'Dambusters' Raid 16/17th May 1943. 

Numbers 1-200 Signed by the artist and Sqn Ldr 'Johnny' Johnson, bomb aimer aboard AJ-T on the night of the Dambusters Raid. 

Numbers 201-250 signed by the artist only SOLD OUT 

All other editions SOLD OUT 

 "I painted this picture to tie in with our dig of ED825 out in Doullens, France back in 2010.  I spoke to Johnny Johnson several times during the painting process to make sure we got all the details of the raid exactly right. When out in France, Johnny came over to join us and we had great pleasure in showing him some of the pieces of ED825, an aircraft that he had last flown in on the Dambuster Raid in 1943. The entire dig and Johnny's subsequent journey back to the Dams was made into a TV programme called 'Last of the Dambusters' which is repeated regularly in the UK."

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    63cm x 30cm (25" x 12")
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    71cm x 43cm (28" x 17")
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