The Power and the Glory

An Avro Lancaster of RAF Bomber Command takes off for another long and dangerous night over Germany, autumn 1943.

The title for this painting was inspired by a Lancaster rear gunner who told me that he always began to recite the Lord's Prayer at the start of the take off run, as it perfectly fitted the time before becoming airborne.  I don't think he was particularly religious, but when you're travelling backwards at 100mph along with thousands of pounds of high explosive and fuel, whilst being driven by a pilot not old enough to shave, you need all the help you can get!


Of course, the power and the glory also refers to the four mighty Merlin engines at full boost and the evening light capturing the glorious lines of the immortal Avro Lancaster.


Overall limited edition of 130

No's 1-100 signed by the artist....£50 

30 Artist's Proofs signed by the artist ...£65 

Remarques may be available, please contact Mark for details.

The original painting is now SOLD.

Watch the painting being created in this five minute timelapse video.

Power and the Glory Timelapse Video

  • Image size:
    63cm x 33cm (25" x 13")
  • Overall size:
    71cm x 45cm (28" x 18")
  • Limited edition of:
    100 + 30 Artist's Proofs
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    44" x 24"
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