A young Lancaster crew arrive at their aircraft in preparation for an operational sortie over Germany. 

This atmospheric new print serves as a tribute to all those unsung crews of Main-Force who went about their thankless task, night after night, in the full knowledge that statistically, they probably wouldn't survive their tour of 30 ops.  The artist writes;
"This painting had been in my head for many years, my concept was to try to evoke the fear and grim determination that each man must have felt as they forced themselves to embark upon another op. This is an experienced 'veteran' crew, possibly with only a few ops left, each man involved in his own thoughts, just doing his job now, hoping to get it over with as soon as possible.
 The Lancaster too is a veteran, engine cowlings heavily streaked with the pale exhaust deposits, paint chipped, panels dented, yet probably only a few months old. Will they return in the morning? We don't know, and most importantly they didn't either. But still they went night after night, conquering their personal fears in the hope and belief that their efforts would help bring a swift end to the war. Over 55,000 of them died as a result, the majority of them in their early twenties, veterans in every sense apart from age. 

We are honoured to announce that the first 100 prints and 40 Artist's Proofs have been personally signed by
four RAF Bomber Command veterans; 

 Flt Lt 'Steve' Stevens DFC, a Lancaster pilot with 57 Sqn who completed 31 ops during 1943. 

Sqn Ldr Frank Leatherdale DFC, a Lancaster navigator with 115 Sqn and 7 Sqn who completed 58 ops. 

W/O Royston Clark, a Wireless Operator with 101 Sqn who completed 30 ops before being shot down on his last trip. 

And representing the WAAFs who worked tirelessly on the airfields,
Cpl Maureen Stevens, an RT Operator who 'talked the bombers down' including at Scampton on the night of the Dams Raid. 

Numbers 1-100 signed by 4 veterans. £75  SOLD OUT

Numbers 101-300 signed by artist only. £50 

40 Artist's proofs signed by 4 veterans. £95 SOLD OUT

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