New Prints uploaded

I’ve just uploaded some recent paintings to the New Releases section. They’re all now available as limited edition giclee prints including, ‘Pickard’s Last Moments’, ‘Combat over Messines’, ‘Beaufighter over Paris’ and others.  Click on the image below for more details;


Two originals sold

Just to update that the latest two originals, the Sopwith Pup and the Savoia Marchetti SM79 both sold this week.  I’m particularly happy to say that the SM79 has gone to an Italian collector as I rarely get the opportunity to paint Regia Aeronautica aircraft.


New Original painting

So we’re back from a lovely holiday in Malta and since then I’ve been very busy on various projects, including a new Lancaster painting that I hope to be able to show you soon. In the meantime I’ve just completed this, the latest piece of cover art for Osprey. It depicts the SM.79 ‘280-6’ flown by Capitano Franco Melley during the attack on the cruiser HMS Cairo in the Mediterranean on 17 June 1942. It’s for the cover of Osprey’s forthcoming book ‘SM.79 Units of WWII’.

The original is now for sale in the ‘originals section’ or just click on this link;

SM.79 Units link


Destination Malta

With the Polish two-week winter holiday now upon us, Asia was desperate to go skiing like the rest of the Polish population it seems… Unfortunately, I’ve never been that keen on sliding down a mountain on two planks of wood, or in my case sliding down a mountain on my back, so we compromised and are off to Malta on Tuesday for a week with the kids. Thinking about it, Malta is probably the flattest and unsnowiest country in the world so I reckon I did quite well! It has always been one of my favourite places to visit and as it happens, my next Osprey cover painting is of an SM.79 over the Med, so I should be fully inspired by the time I get back!

New Osprey cover Art


I’ve just completed this, the latest piece of cover art for Osprey. It depicts P-38G-15 43-2204 ‘White 99’ Beautiful Lass flown by Lt John G O’Neill of the 9th FS/49th FG, in action over Vunakanau, New Guinea on 29th October 1943. It’s for the cover of Osprey’s forthcoming book ‘Early P-38 Aces’.

The original is now for sale in the ‘originals section’ or just click on this link;

Early P-38 Aces link


New Print



Early last year I was commissioned by the son of the legendary Canadian philanthropist and MP Garfield Weston to paint the first of the many aircraft that his father bought for the RAF during WWII. ‘Garfield Weston S1′ P8074 saw action with 222 Sqn before crashing into an Irish bog whilst with 133 Sqn. The remains were recovered in 2011 during filming for the ‘Dig 1940′ TV programme.

We now have permission from the Weston family to offer this painting as a limited edition print, the full story being printed in the border below the image. Click on the image above for more details.

New Painting


Just back from a lovely long Christmas break in Poland.  Whilst I was there I completed this small painting for next month's issue of Britain at War.  It will accompany an article we have written that details the loss of Group Captain Percy Pickard during The Amiens Raid.    The ficticious official story that was circulated by British Intelligence at the time is still being repeated to this day, (even in this month's Flypast magazine!), so we thought we'd try to put the record straight once and for all.     It's acrylic on board, 22" x 15".  The original is for sale and, being specifically for magazine usage, the background is reasonably simple so the price will be negotiable from around £1500.  Here's the caption;

'Pickard's Last Moments'

Group Captain Percy Pickard DSO** DFC tries unsucessfully to shake off the FW190 of 7/JG26 flown by Fw Wilhelm Mayer north-east of Amiens on 18th February 1944.  Moments later, Mayer's cannon shells blew off the Mosquito's entire tail section causing the aircraft to crash just north of Saint Gratien at 12.05hrs.  In the background the Second Wave of Mosquitos are about to bomb the Amiens prison, totally unaware that Pickard who was flying at the rear of the Second Wave had been shot down.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


As it’s that time of year again I’d like to take this chance to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The two girls in my life, Kasia and Asia are holding the fort here in Poland for another 6 months whilst Szymek (taking the photo) and I go back to England on 6th January to complete his 2 years of primary education.   (The girls seem worryingly happy about it all!)