New Original – Spitfire over Berlin


I’ve just completed a new cover painting for the forthcoming special magazine ‘Spitfires over Berlin’, due out in April 2015 I think.  It depicts Pilot Officer Des Watkins flying Spitfire XIV RB155 of 350 Squadron shooting down an FW190 over the outskirts of Berlin on 20th April 1945.

The original is now for sale, see the following link for more details.

Spitfire XIV Original

I’ve also uploaded a Work in Progress on this one showing the painting from start to finish, click on the image to find that page!


New Original – Polish Spitfire Aces


I’ve just completed the latest Osprey cover for a subject close to my heart, Polish Spitfire Aces. It depicts Flt Lt Józef Jeka of 316 Squadron engaging Fw190s over Amiens during Ramrod 209 on 19th August 1942. This must be about the eighth Spitfire that I’ve done for Osprey and it’s always a challenge to come up with a different angle to display the Spitfire in the portrait format, hopefully I haven’t chosen this angle before!

The original is now for sale in the ‘originals section’ or just click on the image;




Two originals sold

Just a quick note to update the original sales.   We have recently sold both the ‘Winter Halifax’ and the Osprey NW Europe Spitfire Aces (which appears in the current Flypast advert).   If you are interested in purchasing any of the remaining original paintings listed HERE, please just get in touch.

New Original Added, Dornier Do24T-3

Just completed the latest cover painting for Osprey. It depicts a Dornier 24T-3 of 2.Seenotstaffel based at Schellingwoude, just east of Amsterdam, coming under attack by Spitfires of 402 Sqn about 65 miles east of Great Yarmouth whilst on a Search and Rescue mission on Friday 8 October 1943. The German crew stood little chance against four Spitfires and were shot down into the sea shortly afterwards with no survivors.
There aren’t many paintings of this lovely flying boat so I decided to paint it in a landscape format on artboard twice the normal size of Osprey covers so that I could include the entire aircraft, the book cover will show just the centre section.  The original is now for sale, just click on the image for more details.

New original – Chinese Aces


The good thing about being commissioned to paint book covers for Osprey is that it gives me the chance to paint subjects that would be commercially unviable in any other way.  This latest is a case in point, being a Curtiss Hawk III in Chinese Air Force colours shooting down a Japanese Aichi D1A over the Sun Mausoleum on 19 September 1937.  And I thought RAF roundels were tricky to paint…!

The original is now for sale in the ‘originals section’ or just click on this link;

Aces of the Republic of China Air Force


Happy Christmas from us all!

As it’s Christmas I thought I’d post a little musical entertainment from our Christmas party here in Poland. For those of you who remember our daughter as ‘little Kasia’, here is a short clip of ‘now not so little’ Kasia playing ‘Wariacje w stylu zydowskim’ on her violin, with my wife Asia accompanying on the piano.  Just click on the photo
Happy Christmas from us all!



Christmas postage

As we’re edging closer and closer to Christmas I thought it would be a good idea to confirm that we can post prints out right up to Tuesday 23rd December and if you’re desperate we can use Special Delivery for UK orders to ensure next day delivery.   Just add a note to your order or email me after placing the order to discuss the best way of posting it!

Border Patrol


As any artist will tell you, sometimes you have an artistic ‘itch’ that you need to scratch.  In my case, it was to take a short break from aircraft and paint something loose and furry!   It was great to be free to paint hills at last, and try some loose brushwork for the foreground grass and fur.  Apart from the rear hare looking like the donkey from Shrek for the first half of the painting, it proved to be quite an enjoyable break from aircraft.   The result is as you can see above, a couple of brown hares peering over a ridge into the setting winter sun.   The canvas size is 30″ x 20″ and is now for sale.  No idea what to charge for it so will happily listen to any offers from anyone who likes wildlife art or films about big green ogres…    Oh and yes I did think about adding an aircraft in the distance, with the hares being spooked by the approaching noise… it may still happen!

Winter Halifax original painting now for sale

As a final note on the Winter Halifax project, here’s a photo of the original framed to give an idea of its size, 30″ x 14″ canvas plus frame.  I’m pleased to say that after a bit of work on the scan, the resulting prints are very close to the original, which doesn’t always happen!  The original is now for sale, just click on the image for more details.  The price is £3000, but as with all originals, offers are always welcome.